Ktisis Journal of Late Antique Housing focuses on exploring late antique dwellings in the Mediterranean region, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses archaeological, architectural, textual, historical and sociocultural analyses. It delves into the complexities of late antique housing, examining not only structural aspects but also the symbolic meanings embedded in decorative elements and their broader social implications.

The journal maintains a strong partnership with CISEM (Centro interuniversitario di studi sull’edilizia abitativa nel Mediterraneo), which has been hosted within the University of Bologna's Dipartimento di Storia Cultura e Civilltà since 2018. CISEM serves as a focal point for scholars and researchers interested in late antique housing, fostering collaborative research efforts and facilitating the dissemination of scholarly findings.

Contributions to Ktisis undergo rigorous peer review and are published in Italian, English, French, German, Modern Greek, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility to a global audience of scholars and researchers interested in late antique studies, history of architecture, and Mediterranean archaeology.